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Help & FAQs

Help & FAQs



A. Pre-purchase

1. Are the products suitable for any kind of doors?

Most of the models are designed for doors measuring 40mm~60mm in thickness, but slight deviations form this limit are still acceptable. Nevertheless, door in India is generally of the recommended thickness. In terms of materials, all types of doors except for glass doors are suitable. Metal doors are also suitable but require further advices. For more information, please refer to our product specification details on the brochures.

2. Where are the door locks manufactured?

All the door locks are manufactured and quality-checked in Korea.


B. Functions

1. Can the lock still operate if there is a power failure?

Definitely! The lock operates standalone on batteries so a power failure will not affect its operations.

2. What types of batteries can I use?

You must use normal AA ALKALINE batteries and replace every battery at the same time. Over discharged or faulty batteries may cause leakage. Check the batteries and its compartment for any leakages every 3 to 4 months as damages due to battery leakages will not be recovered by warranty.

3. How do I know when to replace the batteries?

The battery replacement alarm will go off one week before the battery is about to go flat. The indicating lamp (the round rim of light) will blink in red to alert you to change the battery. The lamp will illuminate in blue when the door is working.

4. What if the batteries go flat?

You can either use the mechanical override key (if available) to open the door or contact the 9V battery to the emergency power supply plate to supply instant power to the door lock

5. Will the registered password and fingerprints/ cards be deleted when the batteries go flat?

No. The password and fingerprints/ cards are recorded in an onboard memory chip, so the storage is permanent and the registered information cannot be deleted unless you change the password or reset the system.

6. What is RESET?

A reset simply restores factory settings and all fingerprints/ registered passwords will be deleted, keeping only the original master password

7. Can the fingerprints or cards be deleted?

Yes. All registered fingerprints or cards can be deleted by using the current password. The erased fingerprints or cards cannot be used to open a door.

8. What kind of card is suitable for usage?

The card has to contain an RF chip (Mifare Type A, 13.56Mhz) e.g. SMART card, Kopitiam card, staff card. One RFID card can be registered in many locks because it's the motherboard that reads and recognizes the card.

9.  Why is there a need for the mechanical override key when the door can be operated by fingerprint, card or password?

You can use this key and open the door in the event when the batteries run out or when the door lock is malfunctioning. You are advised to keep one of the 5 mechanical override keys provided in his/ her vehicle or with a relative, in an event of emergency.

10. Can the mechanical override key be duplicated?

No. The key mould is unique and specially fabricated by Samsung in Korea.

11. What if the mechanical override key is lost?

Authorized distributor is able to replace the whole key cylinder with a new set of 5 override keys

12. What is an anti-panic opening system?

An anti-panic opening system allows you to unlock the door from inside the house by turning the handle. This is to facilitate immediate evacuation during emergency situations.

13. What is the fire alarm installed in the lock for?

It has a thermal sensor in the door lock which will detect a fire. A warning alarm will be given off (the function is not selectable and set as factory default) and the door will unlock itself to ease escape.

14. Is the lock waterproof?

No. Although an exposure to a minute amount of water is harmless, the door lock is designed to be used indoor or under the shelter.

15. Why is my fingerprint not detected by the sensor even after I have registered it? What can I then do?

Firstly, this may occur when the fingerprint is positioned differently as compared to when you register it. For the fingerprint to be detected, the difference must not exceed a certain tolerance. Please try again with different fingerprint positions.

Secondly, due to genetic differences or the nature of the occupations, some people tend to have thinner fingerprint lines so the system may have difficulty detecting the fingerprints. If that is the case, the person can use the password or the emergency key to open the door.

16. Can I use a remote controller for the lock?

Yes. You may register up to maximum 2 remote controls for the mortise doors. The remote controllers are optional and can be purchased at an additional charge.

17. Can my door be forcefully opened?

No. Besides the double locking function, an additional layer of protection is achieved through the intrusion alarm. If any incorrect password is entered for 3-5 times consecutively, a warning alarm will sound (Biri ~ Biri ~ Biri) for 10s and the door-lock will not work for a minute.

18. What is the double locking function?

Once the double locking function is chosen by pressing the open button and holding it, the door is also locked from the inside. In other words, the system does not accept any access from outside unless the function is cancelled or a mechanical key is used to open the door. This serves to further enhance the security by preventing intrusion, especially at night.

C. Design

1. What is it about the design that is different from other brands?

Like any other SAMSUNG products, the designers emphasize on elegance and style. The screws are well-hidden from view and so is the mortise lock because it comes with a built-in hidden door sensor.

D. Maintenance & Support

1. Can I go to any SAMSUNG servicing counter for after sales support?

Unfortunately, no. The product is under a different, business branch from the electronics and mobile phones and most importantly, the maintenance requires special technical expertise.
Instead, please feel free to contact us at 6564 4704 or visit us at Hanman International Pte. Ltd. 2 Jurong East Street 21.

2. How long is the warranty period for these door locks?

The warranty period is 1 years from the date of installation. There will not be labour and transportation charges for servicing or replacement of detective parts and components for locks under warranty.

3. What happens when the period of 1 years of warranty is over?

Authorized distributor will continue to provide technical support over the phone. If on-site servicing is required, there is a minimum charge of S$80/-.

4. How can I clean the door lock? Can I use soap water?

Please do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners as they may cause damage or scratches. As far as possible, use only a slightly damp cloth.

5. What will affect the door lock and its performance?

Firstly, slamming of door causes impacts and damages the motherboard in the door lock, and such actions will not be covered under the warranty. Customers are advised to install a door closer as prevention.

Secondly, battery leakages in the battery compartment may affect the motherboard. Remember to inspect your battery compartment every 3 to 4 months

Thirdly, new, big and heavy doors may expend or contract depending on the season and moisture on the door. This may tend to cause misalignment of the door and as such, the door lock may not be able to lock smoothly, when the bolt or mortise cannot retract properly.

6. What are the symptoms of motherboard malfunction?

Alarming of unknown melody intermittently, very rapid draining of batteries and problem in locking and unlocking mechanism are some common symptom of malfunctioning motherboard.

7. If I need any maintenance, who shall I contact?

Please feel free to contact us at 0 79-27546728 or visit us at:

A-24,2nd Floor, Ghanshyam Avenue,

Opposite. C. U. Shah College, Income Tax,

Ahmedabad-380 014.